Sep 4, 2011

Victorian Style in Interior Décor and Design

This is seventh part of a blog post series about types of interior design styles (click to read part 1). The last article talked about traditional style in interior design and décor.

What is the Victorian Style in Interior Design and Décor?

The Victorian style in interior design is the style of great grandparents and it has been in and out of fashion for years. The essence of Victorian style is heavy, elaborate featuring much guild, brass and wood. Rich colors like dark reds and blues are used in fabric while furniture is decorative and made up of mahogany, walnut and ebony. If you were going for the Victorian Style in your home, you would consider buying overstuffed and upholstered chairs in bold, floral designs that were adorned with tussles and fringes.

You have a variety of floorings to choose from - wooden, marbled or covered with carpets – and the same goes for accessories - lots of oil or gas lamps, guild and brass pictures, stained glass windows, and lots of antique pieces of decoration.

Creating the Victorian Style in Your Home Design

The photo to your left ( shows a Victorian style sitting room. Furniture in this room is heavy, ornate, elaborate and ponderous. Upholstered chairs are adorned with a wealth of tassels piping and fringes. Tasseled floor lamp and accessories are used in this nineteenth–century home.

The photo to your right (credit: shows a Victorian style bedroom. Notice the highly decorative furniture with polished wood. Tasselled lamps and the Persian carpet add to the richness of this typical Victorian style bedroom.

The next article talks about the Art Nouveau Style in interior design and decor. Browse similar articles about interior design or read about other interior design styles.

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