Oct 26, 2011

Split Complementary Scheme in Interior Design and Decor

This is the fifth part of a post series on color schemes in interior design and décor. Part four was about complementary color schemes.

What is a Split Complementary Color Scheme in Interior Design?

Yet another color scheme consists of a color combined with the two colors on each side of its compliment - this is called a split complementary color scheme. You may have observed that split complimentary colors do not clash with each other as vividly as do the colors in complimentary color schemes in interior design.

These colors do not vibrate with each other and this makes them much easier to work with and easier to control. For example, the compliment of blue-green is red-orange, but the split complimentary of blue-green is orange and red. Similarly, the split complimentary of yellow is blue-violet and red-violet. As with complimentary color scheme, you can lower the values and intensities of these colors.

Designing a Split Complementary Color Scheme in Your Home


The split complementary color scheme this room design incorporates green, red-orange, and red-violet. The values and intensities have been modified to create a harmonious scheme. The cushions and upholstery consist of different intensities of green and its split complement colors, making the room design bright and pleasing.

The next article talks about double complementary color schemes in interior decor and design. Browse through more articles on colors on interior design and decor or sift through different articles about interior design.

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