Mar 17, 2012

Designing Your Room With Warm, Cool and Neutral Lights

This is the eighth part of a post series on the interaction between light and colors in interior design and decor. The last article was about natural and artificial light in your home. Feel free to browse through other articles about interior design

There are three basic types of lights:

  • Warm light,
  • Neutral light, and,
  • Cool light.

Warm Lights in Interior Design

Warm lights, as we've discussed before, are yellow, orange and red and they're used to enhance warm-colored furnishing or to softens contours and angles. Warm lights create a cosy feeling and make objects appear larger and closer together.

For a warm lighting scheme to be successful in your home, you need take certain precautions. For example, you should avoid lights in the hues of greens and blues because they look dull and gloomy. Moreover, if you do go for a warm lighting scheme, try stay away from warm colors in the room because they will simply make the room look cloyed and hot.

Neutral or White Light in Interior Design

White light does not have any extraordinary effect on colors and it allows color to be perceived at its truest.

Cool Light in Interior Design

Using cool light, i.e. blue, aqua and green, in the right place, creates a sense of space and dignity in your home d├ęcor. It creates space by making walls and furnishings appear further away and enhances greens and blues. Cool light also highlights the silhouette of an object and accentuates surface features and defects.

While cool light neutralizes warm colors (fresh colors will appear greyish) and intensifies cool ones by creating an overall chilling and depressing effect.

A clever room decorator does not use warm light and cool light together as it evokes conflicting reactions.


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